Maria Best with "Me, the Sheep" -Book 2

Me, the Sheep - Doing a Big Stupid Thing!

“Everybody knows: When the sheep are away, the chicken will play.”

Maria Best

A funny picture story for Easter time to color out and read aloud. 
Also available in german language.

A sheep is just a sheep, isn't it? But often so human.

Handgemalte Schwarz-Weiß Illustrationen führen durch diese kurze Geschichte von Eifersucht und Freundschaft. Das Osterschaf muss Eier einkaufen. Als es zurückkommt, liegt vor dem Eier-Atelier eine dicke dunkle Überraschung. Sein Freund, das kleine Küken, hat eine gute Idee – aber kann das wirklich klappen? Das Schaf hat Zweifel, denn es wittert Konkurrenz …

Die lustige Bildergeschichte zu Ostern könnt Ihr euren Kids vorlesen, die Bilder eignen sich prima zum Ausmalen. Größere Kinder können damit einen ersten Lesespaß habenDie kurzen Texte sind in leicht verständlicher Sprache und großer kindgerechter Schrift. Für Kinder von etwa 5 – 8 Jahren.

| Me, the Sheep – Doing a Big Stupid Thing!
| A picture story, coloring book and fun read
| for kids between 5-8
| 60 pages, 26 x 20 cm 
| 24 fullpage black-and-white illustrations 
| paperback 6,90 € 

Click here >> for the german edition.

Thanks to Becky for this wonderful interpretation!
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Cover of "Me, the Sheep" - Book 2
Cover of “Me, the Sheep” – Book 2

Me, the Sheep - Book Number 2 A bit behind the scenes

The first book “Me, the Sheep – Best Easter Bunny Ever” ended with the project of an Easter-Egg-Color-Startup, founded by the sheep and its new friend, the little chicken. There they were, my two heroes. I envisioned them painting eggs, side by side, day after day. A bit boring in the long run, don’t you think so?
Something had to happen.
Enter the black sheep … 

Sketch for the character of the black sheep
Sketch for the character of the black sheep

A second sheep can only mean trouble. And unfortunately, the Easter sheep can’t keep its emotions under control.
Whereas we humans are so much more rational and relaxed! 

Sketch for "Me, the Sheep" - Number 2
Sketch for “Me, the Sheep” – Number 2

Nevertheless – all is well that ends well. 

Sketch for "Me, the Sheep" - Number 2
Sketch for “Me, the Sheep” – Number 2

Yes, that’s how this story looked at the beginning, when I set up my storyboard with the first sketches. There still was quite a way to the finished book, but this work was a lot of fun for me. After all, I’m often a bit of a grumpy sheep myself. See the final result in the book itself. 

By the way, you can listen to me reading the second story of the Easter sheep on YouTube (in german): 

“Me the Sheep – Doing a Big Stupid Thing!” | Video (german)

Meet the sheep? Have a look inside the book on Amazon.

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