Great tips for great people

Great tips for great people

“Where are we going to? To our new great self.”

Maria Best

The most useful selfhelp book of the universe.

20 tips for 2020 to make yourself GREAT again

fun picture book for your greatness… with 20 simple tips to achieve REAL GREATNESS.
Discover your present greatness and become even greater. The number one self-help manual for true self-optimization. (Irony included)
The author knows all about greatness and is happy to share his secret insights with you, so come along on this funny relaxing entertaining charming fascinating enticing exciting journey.

2020 – what a year! Double twenty, lucky number?

| 20 tips for 2020 to make yourself great again 
| a fun picture book for your greatness
| 92 pages, ca. 20 x 26 cm 
| with wonderful grayscale illustrations  
| paperback 9,95 €, e-book 3,99 €

Have a great look inside and learn to know T. G. Spot